Cat C - £100 Jackpot

Cat C machines are the most requested machine in licensed venues. They are not short in their game offerings either, with over 100+ different titles from different manufacturers available at the moment. We are often asked how we keep the bad performers at bay , while we can keep bringing in strong performance machines machine after machine.

So put simply, all our Cat C machines are picked through a star rating system, which is tried and tested through the main brewery performances. So when we buy in our cat c machines, they are already tried and tested from selected test sites. This wiggles out the weak performers from the strong. Allowing us to install the strongest of performers, and keep the less popular machines away from our machine estate and portfolio.

For the past decade, Deal Or No Deal has easily dominated the market due to its unique feature that no other machine manufacturer had. With Bell Fruit Games being the only main manufacturer of strong performing fruit machines. Other manufactures tried to replicate the iconic game, by cloning their machines under a different name with similar gaming features. But the other manufactures failed to gain strong or consistent cash box takings. While a lot of suppliers bought into these machines, we stayed away from the cheaper non performers due to this reason, and stuck with the branded titles.

In the past two years new brands and manufactures have set up opening the doors to a once very much monopolized industry. With the regulations and alterations on new machines always changing machine play, performance and new opportunities, it pays to have the latest machines in your venue. So now even though we are very stringent when purchasing new machines, we always keep fresh eyed on looking for new innovative ways to capture the players attention.

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Cat C - Analogue £100 Jackpot Machines

Our Cat C £100 Jackpot machine estate currently has over 60+ different titles at any one time, with new machines being added all the time. Our analogue reel based machines are still as popular as ever, with new emerging brands bringing with them strong cash box performances. If you have a certain machine in mind for your venue, we can source on request if it isn't already in our machine estate portfolio.

Specifics for our analogue machines include:

  • £5, £10 or £20 note pay out
  • Frequent changes on machines
  • Latest security and software updates (average 2 months)
  • Optional volume reduction
  • Paperwork and licensing is all implemented and maintained
  • Floats are provided and maintained routinely
  • Additional Security can be added on request
  • 24/7 365 day call out, and replacement service

Cat C - Digital £100 Jackpot Machines

The main advantage over the traditional analogue machine, is the technology has allowed us to condense 10-20+ different game titles into one terminal. Allowing the player to choose from various games from different categories, without the needing to leave the machine. The introduction of the fruit machine terminal has also allowed new games such as roulette, rainbow riches, bullion bars and other high profile casino and book maker games on to the terminal. Thanks to the twin touch screen technology, the interactive games are at the highest they have ever been.

A few highlighted advantages include

  • Each game on the machine has its own jackpot, so the odds are not affected if you change game
  • Ease of update, the terminal can be updated on site or remotely. Keeping game content constantly refreshed
  • Our terminals automatically drop the weakest performing game, and replaces it with a new game
  • Roulette, Black Jack, Other Casino games / Bookmaker games are now available on the cat c terminal

Specifics for our Digital machines include:

  • £5, £10 or £20 note pay out
  • Remote and non remote updates
  • All in slimline cabinets
  • Optional Volume Reduction
  • All games have their own jackpot
  • Large catalogue of games that change at regular intevals
  • Branded recognisable games
  • Paperwork and licensing is all implemented and maintained
  • Floats are maintained
  • Additional Security can be added on request24/7 365 day call out, and replacement service

All machines that pay out a monetary prize are now taxed under the new MGD - Machine Gaming Duty Tax, which was brought out to replace the old AMLD tax.  All taxes, and paperwork associated with the machines (from implementation to on going) are maintained by Sonic. For information on MGD Taxation please click here

All our Cat C machines come with a note pay out note acceptor, and can be specified which note it pays out on our clients request.

All our Cat C machines come installed with a float that is maintained by Sonic. We know other suppliers do take the float money back out at a later date. But to make things simple, we do not. So there is no cost or dip in profits at all involved for our clients.

All our machines are available on profit share




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