Cat B - £400+ Jackpot

Category B4 fruit machines are the most requested gaming machine in private member clubs. Cat B4 is available if you have a golf club, snooker hall or any venue that is exclusive to members only. You will be able to benefit from the higher £400 jackpots. In recent years we have seen in a huge increase in demand for digital fruit machines, with customers wanting more interactivity with the games they are playing.

Cat B3 gaming machines are still the highest jackpot you can have outside of a casino, at a £500 jackpot. To have a Cat B fruit machine, you need to hold a AGC or bingo licence. If you are a non commercial private members club, you can also get one B3a fruitmachine in your venue.


All our Cat B fruit machines now come on a multi game platform terminal, so that players can get the most out their gaming experience.

We do also offer and buy in new traditional reel based Cat B fruit machines on request. All our gaming machines come with a float that is maintained by sonic, so there is no cost at all involved for our clients.

All our fruitmachines are available on profit share

Specifics for our terminals include:

  • Optional note pay out
  • Remote and non remote periodic updates
  • All slim line cabinets
  • HD screens
  • All games have their own individual jackpot
  • Large catalogue of games that change at regular intervals
  • Branded well known games, familiar to players
  • Simple easy to use interface



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