CAT D - £5 Jackpot

Cat D covers various types of fruit machines from cranes, pushers and the well known £5 fruit machine jackpots. Cranes and other machines can be found under are navigation link at the bottom of the page.

Cat D - £5 fruit machines cover several areas of our trade. Main two types are the multi game linked cabinets from huge titles including "Luck Of The Irish" "Bullion Bars", "Astra Party Time" and "Rainbow Riches". Which are more requested in family entertainment centres  (F.E.C). The other is the stand alone fruit machine cabinet which you will find in many of our clients hotels, as well as FEC venues.

We have a large range of Cat D products out at any one time, and as always they are available on the same terms as all our machine offerings. All our single and multi game cat d fruit machines vary on different jackpots including ticket redemption. This is ideal for arcades wanting to utilise the machines in the FEC arcades.

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